It’s the end of another workday, and he should be closing his shop and heading for home. Yet, instead, he’s got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach about that phone call he’s about to make to his family. It looks like he’s going to miss dinner and family time…again.

It’s not that he hasn’t been trying to get home at a decent hour; and all this hard work and long days are his labor of love to provide for his family. His days just keep flying by as he handles customers, inventory, staffing issues, and puts out fires. Quiet hours to go over the books never happened today…or yesterday…or last week for that matter.

Do you find this entrepreneur’s dilemma relatable? One of the most consistent struggles owners of small businesses face is achieving a work-life balance. Might it be time to find help with your business accounting? Ask yourself the following questions and do a little self-reflection:

  • Is work interfering with your quality of life?
  • How far behind are you in your bookkeeping?
  • How much impact is the stress of doing your own accounting having on you?
  • Do you feel pulled in too many directions?
  • Are other facets of your company suffering because you are devoting so much time to your business accounting?

Running a small business can be an all-consuming task, especially in the early years, so if you are feeling this stress and strain, you are not alone. However, the accounting professionals at Hayes and Associates want to see your business grow and thrive in the long-term, not just a successful launch, and we serve the Omaha area (and beyond) as business advisors and accountants, enabling you to do what you do best in your business.

Business Accounting Pros Speak the Language of Numbers

Sure, you may have saved on start-up costs by handling most of the operations of your business yourself, but more likely than not, your entrepreneurial gifts are different, people-facing and visionary, ones that equip you to launch a new business, provide an innovative service, connect with customers, and build a solid employee team. You are already well aware that there are never enough hours in a day for all there is to do, so your best bet is to offload your more time-consuming and frustrating tasks, such as budgeting, tax filing, and the like to experts who thrive in this work. We’re trained in tax compliance regulations and financial management. What may take you countless hours week after week to complete can be completed in a couple of hours by the pros. What could you do, and how could your business grow if you had all that time back at your disposal to better invest it?

Accountants Know Tax Law

Municipal, state, and federal laws are constantly changing, and the terms and jargon used can be completely baffling. Accountants make it our business to know exactly what each tax form means, how policies and penalties vary from year to year, and the eligible deductions that could save your company significantly. Why simply give it your best shot and guess your way through the nuances of tax law when an accountant can deftly handle all your filing requirements for you?

Accountants Make Invaluable Business Consultants

Because of our vast experience in helping companies make sound financial decisions, we provide a wealth of wisdom to advise you on a host of financial issues. Having an objective outsider look at the situation, the potential outcomes, and the costs can help you determine the best choice for your growing company’s needs.

Accountants’ services extend to all aspects of business finance. We can help you write- or revise- your business plan, establish short and long-term goals, and streamline your budget. We have access to – and deep knowledge of – tech tools that can help automate facets of your business you may not even be aware existed, tools that can help you move steadily closer to achieving that elusive work-life balance you need.

Say Goodbye to 60+ Hour Work Weeks

You don’t need us to tell you that working 60 or more hours a week isn’t sustainable! Do it long enough, and your physical and mental health are going to deteriorate significantly. A happier, healthier boss is going to be easier to work with, better able to build his brand, able to establish great relationships with customers and service providers, and still have enough of himself or herself to carry out the most important roles…family member and friend. The benefits of offloading your business accounting to the professionals are invaluable.

Accountants are your strongest allies in the business world, and our knowledgeable professionals at Hayes and Associates are eager to help you- and your business- thrive. Whether you have just launched a brand-new company, are seeking to maximize profitability, or you’re looking to regain your sanity, give us a call. We would love to establish a partnership for every season of your business’ growth.