When you hire someone to assist you with financial matters, you are looking for results that have a positive impact for you, your business or your organization.

That impact may take many forms, including a reduced tax burden, greater efficiencies, enhanced mission effectiveness or a stronger bottom line, just to name a few. Whether it be accounting, audit, consulting or tax services, our approach is a consistent, proven and straightforward four-step process, the H&A Way.

The H&A Way encompasses Planning, Performance, Expert Review and Deliverables, consistently applied regardless of the nature of the services we are asked to perform.


Planning affords us the opportunity to get to know you. Our conversations with you, along with other information and documents you provide, let us assess the work to be performed, the types of professionals and technology needed, how long it will take, and any third-party expertise required to complete the work. The result is an individualized plan with expected deadlines and costs to be presented for your approval. This step could be accomplished during the initial discussion in the case of a smaller project or may take several days for larger projects.


Performance includes the assignment of highly trained professionals incorporating state of the art technology, tasked with the timely execution of the plan to meet agreed upon expectations. This step comprises face-to-face meetings with you, analytically reviewing appropriate documents, and possible interaction with third parties while remaining conscious of deadlines and budgets.


To ensure the outcomes meet the requirements outlined in your customized plan, we conduct a rigorous, independent Expert Review of our work. A professional in the firm not involved in performing the work, most likely a Director or Shareholder, ensures the work adheres to professional standards, meets our strict quality control program, and incorporates a big picture view of our Deliverables.


Tax returns, audit reports, ongoing accounting services and financial statements are a few of the services provided by our team. Additional services include recommendations for improvements to better your financial well-being or to enhance the overall effectiveness of your business or organization. These outcomes, or Deliverables, will determine our value to you. Our goal is to ensure the value you receive exceeds the dollars you invest in our services.

Return on investment can be a difficult calculation to make. Simplifying it for you ensures you have an exceptional experience with us. Our goal is exceeding your expectations by doing it right the first time, meeting you where you are, being proactive and responsive to your concerns, and most importantly, assisting you in ways that are meaningful and impactful to you.

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